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My “Glow” collection an energetic fusion of Japanese inspired modern folk prints with graphic florals and flowing organic forms that come together in a playful combination that is both warm and bright! Nature inspired elements in my designs combined with two rich palettes compliment each other make for loads of inspirations for both quilting and accessory sewing. I have 24 yummy quilting designs printed on 45” quilting cotton and 9 complimentary designs printed on 54” wide cotton sateen for multipurpose projects and home decor. I’ve also introduced a luscious and supple Knit collection (6 prints) that sews up amazingly well (no rolling edges!) and am reintroducing my fashion favorite Voile substrate (6 prints) as well. They’re all designed to work in harmony in your favorite sewing projects, so get your GLOW on! xo Amy

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Available online : CLICK HERE and our Henley-on-Thames Warehouse.