Panels and Borders

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Velvet Borders & Panels

Designer Velvet Borders & Panels

All of our Cotton Panels


Double Edge Borders

PWTP226.Blush Meteor Shower Double Edge borde

Children’s & Cot Panels

Very Hungry Caterpillar A9597L.Rainbow Panel

Bunting Panels

JM2 Jennie Maizels Colour Collection Bunting

Delphine Brooks Panels

DB6 Lola the Dog Panel: The Farmyard Collection: Lewis & Irene + Delphine Brooks

Cushion Panels

Queen Bee Panel

Apron Panels

Lewis & Irene Honey Bee-A655.1

Advent Calendar Panels

Stocking Panels

CE33 Tomtens Forest Friends Stocking Panel Lewis & Irene


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