The Kaffe Fassett Collective

Kaffe works with Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs to produce a fabulous collection of fabrics under the umbrella “The Kaffe Fassett Collective”.  The fabric collection now extends to hundreds of fabrics, books and haberdashery. Kaffe Fassett teaches quilt makers all over the world. He teaches them to work with colour in an instinctive way. His unique sense of colour and drive to create, has led to his reputation as a guru in the world of colour and textiles.

Kaffe Fassett has dedicated the last 50 years of his life to the world of Knitting, Needlepoint and Patchwork. .

Kaffe Fassett

Brandon Mably

Philip Jacobs


Mystery Quilt 2024 Program

Kaffe Fassett Mystery Quilt 2024 Program

The Fabrics

Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics

Lastest Collection: August 2023

August 2023: Kaffe Fassett Collective

Books & Quilts

Kaffe Fassett Books


Pre-Cuts Kaffe Fassett Collective

Quilt Backings

Quilt Backings: Kaffe Fassett Collective


Kaffe Fassett Design Wall Flannel

Design Wall Flannel

design wall flannel


Gifts & Merchandise

Kaffe Fassetts Jigsaw 20483