Floral Song by Lewis & Irene

Floral Song by Lewis & Irene, designed by Cassandra Connolly

Floral Song by Lewis & Irene, designed by Cassandra Connolly. A beautiful collection of fabrics, featuring swaying, dancing delicate florals and blossoms. Daisies, lupins, leaves, berries and butterflies.

In pretty pastel colours – light pink, light green, lavender blue, duck egg blue, navy blue and pale grey.

Inspired by the poem below.

“Take my hand, walk with me. Pause for a second, what do you see? Look beyond the daisies dancing, as soft winds blow, lupines sway, entrancing.

Hidden, unseen, the little blossom peeps. A piece of my heart, this bloom, it keeps. In this time, the secret hour, silence enfolds us, like petals of a flower.

Observe: further, deeper. As light shifts, colourful sprigs, natures gifts. Immerse your mind, open your heart; hear the long lost language, truly see the floral art. As buds dance in the sunlight, capture this moment, hold it tight. Linger a little, but not too long. Treasure this moment; fall in love with the floral song.”

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