Bias Tape T12: Vlieseline: 12mm x 5m

Bias Tape T12: Vlieseline: 12mm x 5m




Bias Tape T12 by Vlieseline

Bias Tape T12 by Vlieseline is perfect for stabilising armhole and anything cut on the bias. It has a chain stitch running through to stabilise it and blocks the stretch

Securing of bias-cut or round edges. Suitable across a wide range of fabrics. Ideal for Jersey fabrics for blocking the stretch on the armholes and necklines


1. The bias tape is 12 mm wide and has a chain stitch at 4/8 mm from the edge. Iron on the tape in such a way that the 8 mm side meets the fabric edge and is sewn right behind the chain stitch.

2. Slowly and firmly iron on for around 8 seconds per section. Iron dry.


• Secures and finishes all round and diagonal edges

• Versatile in application

• No stretching of the edges thanks to the chain stitch

• Flat, soft stitch-and-fold edges

Fusing condition

– Hand iron for 8 s

Mediumweight: 54 g/m²

Composition: 83 % PA, 17 % PES

Important notice: We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

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Vilene has rebranded as Vlieseline.



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