Sewline Aqua Eraser Pen

Sewline Aqua Eraser Pen is the gentle way to remove pencil and ink marks from fabrics. A convenient and accurate way to gently lift of pencil markings. It works like a fountain pen, simply fill the barrel chamber with water ( with a drop of detergent added if wanted). The soft absorbent point is then guided over the mark lifting it cleanly without abrasing the fabric.

Ideal for removing guide lines under stitching.

Simply replace the fabric point when it becomes discoloured.

Code: SLFAB50035

Brand: Sewline

Fill the reservoir with water then squeeze the sides to release a gentle amount of water through the fibre-tip point. Gentle enough for all fabrics yet effective enough to remove all water-soluble marks. As with all marking products, it is advisable to test on a small scrap piece of fabric first.

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