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Nel Whatmore | Memory Lane

Our #fabricoftheday Memory Lane by Nel Whatmore!


Have you heard? Nel Whatmore Memory Lane is sold out everywhere apart from with us! WE HAVE IT AVAILABLE! Don’t miss out on her gorgeous collection.


“My collection is Memory Lane, which I have just been designing a quilt for – yesterday actually. I am lucky that I had three grandparents that lived until they were 103, 101 and 98, and so their influence on me and reflecting on times spent with them has given me many fond memories. I like looking back as well as forward as I feel older things have more soul and newer things fire my imagination. So Memory Lane was designed to be slightly retro and to be a collection of memories, from sitting in my Grandma’s breakfast room, to visiting William Morris’s house, Wightwick Manor, near my Mum’s, to doodling as a child and remembering the joy that brought me.

So many things can remind us of friends and family, from colour, smells, sounds to even sweets we haven’t eaten for years. I love the fact that quilts remind people of the person who kindly spent hours making them. They are made and given with love and in effect say ‘I thought of you’. This may be rather sentimental but I think it’s true.

My daughter Polly is just 18 and will soon be leaving us and so I am already thinking of which quilt I will give her when she goes to college (hopefully if she gets, there I should add!).

Although even when I was thinking about designing the Memory Lane quilt yesterday my thoughts immediately turned to her and what she may like. I guess in the same way that I carry memories of my grandparents and parents with me, I hope that little things like a handmade quilt will remind her of her family too.

When designing, as a painter, I always produce the initial idea in pastels, the medium I like the best. It is vibrant, messy and spontaneous and suits me just fine. I have to then do the repeats on the computer as to do it in pastel would be virtually impossible. So much of balancing a collection feels like balancing a painting. You always have to make it work as a whole rather like doing the perfect jigsaw puzzle! I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a lifelong challenge, as whenever I finish a collection and then start sewing and designing things using it I learn something more and realise how to improve the next collection.” – Nel x




Our memories are like pauses in our lives when we pin that moment to a board so as not to lose it. Memory Lane is a trip down “My Memory Lane” from beautiful poppies that wave in the fields every year, agapanthus, to filigree screens and intricate railings. Keep your memories close with these pillows.









 See Nel’s website for her Memory Lane Quilt Pattern!


Fabric available from us; ONLINE & at our Henley Warehouse.